About inc.


innovative Nurture Community.

The date of establishment

February 10, 2019

Mailing address

Marunouchi Yusen Building 1F,
2-3-2, Marunouchi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, 100-0005, Japan
inc. Secretariat

Notice about attending the inc. meeting

“inc.” is a group whose purpose is for each member to interact and deepen their relationships.
Each member may use an inc. business card, but there are some restrictions in doing so.
“inc.” itself does not conduct business for profit or non-profit.
If you see solicitors or others conducting business related to “inc.” or the names of “inc.”, please contact us directly to notify.
When you participate in our meeting, please check requirements for the each meeting with the introducerthe .

Prohibited activities

This community does not host any profitable activities regardless of the type.

Therefore, please be careful about information such as the following;

1.Any business activities by groups or individuals that suggest they belong to inc.
2.Any business with those claiming they have relationship with groups that agree with inc. or with inc. members.
3.Any activities that raise funds claiming that these projects are dealt with by inc. or groups that agree with inc.

If you receive a sales and solicitation by groups or individuals described above, please contact us at this website.

To have everyone participate in this community with peace of mind, we ask the members to have commitment of keeping the prohibitions below;

1.Activities of writing and speaking without permission as if it were inc. or inc. member.
2.Activities of writing and speaking that may be misunderstood by using a name similar to that of inc. or inc. member.
3.Activities that may undermine the honor of inc. or the member regardless of whether it is intentional.
4.All of the profitable activities of whom deceive they are in this community or related to.
5.The profitable activities without permission to use the name and design of inc. or names and designs confused with.

If you receive a sales and solicitation from organizations and individuals that violate the above prohibitions, please contact us at this website.